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We understand that buying at auction can be intimidating and sometimes confusing, especially for bidders who cannot be in the auction hall in person. There are many questions that a potential buyer needs answered before they feel comfortable participating in the auction process. We are striving to provide a transparent and enjoyable auction experience for both buyers and sellers. We take extra efforts to expose our consignors’ offerings to an international market and give our buyer customers the confidence to participate and make purchases, in an auction setting.

Our sales offer valuables of all varieties at every price point. Bidders can participate in our auctions via written absentee, telephone, and real-time Internet bidding. We take extra efforts to expose our consignors’ offerings to an international market and give our bidders the confidence to participate and make purchases, in an auction setting.

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from new customers about the auction.


We provide you with professional, clear and well lighted photographs of what you are bidding on. If there is a detail that we know you need to see we anticipate that fact and photograph it. If there is damage or wear to an object we will photograph it for all to see. We will not take a photograph of an objects best angle and hide its worst feature. And if we leave a detail out that you need, just ask and we will photograph that for you as well. We take high resolution photos as well as UV and IR images.


The ability to reach us when you need to. If you have any questions or concerns you can ask us about it and you will get an answer. You may contact us via email or phone. You will be able to speak directly with any of our team. If we cannot answer your question right away we will do so in a timely fashion.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax We have none for out of state purchasers. Virginia residents need to pay a 5.3% sales tax unless they file a resale certificate with us. Out of state purchasers that use pro shipping service do not pay VA sales tax, however if the buyer picks up in person then VA law requires that we charge you state sales tax.


In addition to our regular preview times (which are listed for each auction event) you may request an appointment for a private preview. We will accommodate you needs as our schedule permits. We make every effort to give our bidders as much time as they need to examine the objects they are considering bidding on.


Bremo Auctions offers buyers several different methods for bidding at our auctions. The buyer may choose the method that best suits their preference or needs.

In Person

To bid in person at our auction hall you simply register to bid during a scheduled preview or on the day of the auction. Please bring with you a Drivers License with your photograph and a credit card. You will then be given our Conditions of Sale contract which you must read and agree to prior to participating in the sale. At this point you would be issued a unique bidding number or paddle.

By Telephone

You may also arrange to bid with Bremo Auctions by telephone. Please note that we cannot accept phone bids after 12 pm the day before an auction, as we do need time to enter them into our system for the phone bidding team. You may also leave us a back-up bid in case we can’t reach you, this is especially important for our International customers, our bidding assistant will execute your bid as a left bid, but only if you cannot be reached by phone. We will call you a few minutes before your item comes up for bid. Please be at the phone number you gave us. If you change your mind, call us before the auction to remove your name from our list. This frees up the bidding assistant to move on to the next caller. On the Monday after the auction we will invoice all bid winners and remit a bill to you. Remember that we execute phone bids as a service to our customers and may not be held responsible for errors or failures to execute bids. Please read our Conditions of Sale before submitting telephone bids.

Via Absentee Bids

An "Absentee Bid" is a bid left by a prospective buyer stating the highest bid that the prospective buyer is willing to commit to on the specified items. We will then execute that bid competitively for the buyer just as if that buyer were in the auction hall bidding for themselves. We have a dedicated staff member, or our auctioneer who executes left bids on behalf of our customers and bids competitively for you. Under no circumstances do we execute your maximum bid and its not unusual for a bidder to ‘win’ an item for less than the bid they left. The only time our staff member will start the bidding at fixed bid is in the case of competing left bids where one bid exceeds that of another’s maximum the next increment will be the minimum opening bid. In all cases these bids are kept completely confidential. ****** You may also place an "Absentee Bid" on items as soon as the item is cataloged and viewable on,, or Remember that we execute bids as a service to our customers and may not be held responsible for errors or failures to execute bids. Please read our Conditions of Sale before submitting bids and enter yes or no on the appropriate field when sending in a bid. You may also fax us a bid form, our fax is secure at 434-293-0898

Internet Live and Absentee Bidding

Live and Absentee left bids with our internet affiliates online allow qualified buyers from anywhere in the world to join the auction remotely in real time. These online bidding service providers are:

1.) 2.) 3.)

To bid online you must register directly with one of these websites and understand and agree to be bound by their particular conditions of sale and sets of rules, fees and methods of payment which are different from Bremo Auctions. Please understand that these are separate businesses and are not regulated by Bremo Auctions. Shipping is also an additional cost to the buyer and we will be happy to help you coordinate shipping after payment has been completed.

Buyers Premium

An additional service charge, for which the buyer is responsible, will be added to the hammer price. All buyers’ premiums are posted for each auction and listed in all advertisements and mailers.


Payment is due immediately, for out of town buyers your payment is required upon receipt of your invoice. All International buyers will be invoiced and notified by email the next business day following an auction. International buyers must pay by wire-transfer and all pertinent bank information will be included in their invoice.

All phone and left bid buyers will be called and mailed an invoice on the next business day following an auction. We accept cash, bank checks, business/personal checks* and in some cases credit cards, (credit cards subject to an additional 4% fee). If you are new to Bremo and are planning to make a large purchase we will require bank verification and in some cases references before allowing you to participate in the bidding of certain lots.

* Please note that if you send us a bank or personal check your item will not be shipped for 2 weeks. While checks can in many cases clear instantly, fraudulent checks can take up to 10 days for banks to detect and it is for that reason we place a mandatory 2 week hold on personal checks prior to the release of the items purchases. This can be avoided by using alternative payments.

Internet Bidders and Payments

All Internet buyer customers will be invoiced immediately following the sale by email immediately and payment is due upon receipt of invoice. We do not accept credit cards for Internet customers. You may pay by cash, Bank check, Cashiers check, Money Order or Wire-Transfer. We accept electronic payments, wire-transfers and checks. Credit cards are limited to a maximum of $1000.
In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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